Radio & TV
Since   1946

Call: (905) 686-3957 Email: duntv@yahoo.com Address: 467 Westney Rd. S, Ajax, ON


Our Products and Services


We provide professional repairs to all makes and models of all your 

home electronics. Dunbarton Radio & TV specializes in TV repairs to 

all types including: 



- Plasma

- 4K 


- 3-D

- Projectors

- Ultra High Definition (UHD)

- Super Ultra High Definition (SUHD) 

- Laser Vue

- Display Wall Cubes

We repair both Commercial and Residential Microwaves 


We repair camcorders and digital cameras.


We repair any home theatre, audio, and DJ equipment including:

- Speakers

- Powered speakers and subs

- Blu-ray players

- DVD players

- Home Theatre Amplifiers (2.1 and above)

- Power Amps

- Mixers


We also repair any vintage and antique home electronics including:

- Power Amps

- Tube Amps

- Turn Tables

- 8-tracks

- Cassette Decks

- Classic Radios

- Floor Units

- VHS Players 

Computer repairs


- Blue screens

- Virus, malware, and spyware removal 

- Hardware upgrades

- Broken screens and monitors

- Macbooks and other Apple products 

We even fix power tools and small electronics such as clock radios

and more--call for inquiries. 


Radio & TV

Since 1946 

Call: (905) 686-3957

Email: duntv@yahoo.com

Address: 467 Westney Rd. S Unit 14, Ajax, ON


Dunbarton has your next TV - you just have to come pick it up! We are the one stop for all of your home electronic needs. We sell: 

- Televisions 

- DVD/Blu-ray players

- Amplifiers 

- Surround Sound Systems

- Stereos 

- Assorted parts


Free estimates on carry in repaired items (please call for details).


Service Calls: 

In-home service available. Please contact for further information.

100-day Guarantee: 

Dunbarton stands by our 100-day guarantee on all parts and labour.

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