Radio & TV

Since 1946 

Radio & TV
Since  1946

Call: (905) 686-3957 Email: duntv@yahoo.com Address: 467 Westney Rd. S, Ajax, ON

Call: (905) 686-3957

Email: duntv@yahoo.com

Address: 467 Westney Rd. S Unit 14, Ajax, ON

Dunbarton Radio & TV first opened in Pickering, Ontario in 1946. In the late '50s Dunbarton moved to Ajax where we have been for over 67 years. Since then we have provided fast, friendly and affordable to all of our customers in the Durham region and GTA without exception. 


Dunbarton Radio & TV is an authorized dealer for major brands such as: Philips, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Hitachi and many more. In addition, we provide extended warranty services for major retailers such as: Wal-mart, Canadian Tire, and Best Buy on all makes all models. Our highly knowledgeable staff is willing and able to help you with all your electronic needs.


You can always count on us to provide quality service. Our roster of technicians brings a combined total of over 85 years of electronic repair experience to the table! On top of that, they're always learning more through the training provided by trusted manufacturers to keep up to date with new products on the market.


Dunbarton Radio & TV is an established company that stands by its name and considers customer satisfaction is at our highest priority.

A notice for our valued customers

All of Dunbarton Radio & TV's technicians have been background screen and certified by Plus One Solutions. 

This ensures the security and comfort of our customers, so that they feel assured when dealing with our staff members. 

A message from our technicians

We're proud to be serving the Durham community. We have for many years, and we look forward to doing so for many more. 

- The Techs


Durham's oldest electronics repair centre

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