Radio & TV
Since   1946


Radio & TV

Since 1946 

Call: (905) 686-3957 Email: duntv@yahoo.com Address: 467 Westney Rd. S, Ajax, ON

Our Policies 

Dunbarton Radio & TV has adopted several policies to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

Carry-in estimates: For customers wishing to receive an estimate on their damaged electronics, we offer FREE estimates on REPAIRED items. If you wish to receive more information regarding our free estimates, please contact us. 

In-home diagnostics:  FREE in-home diagnostics if the item is repaired by us. Please call to see if your area is eligible for the  service call waiver.

Senior discount:  As special recognition for the seniors who've supported Durham over the years, we wish to extend a 10%  discount on labour for any and all repairs. 

Waste reduction:  Dunbarton Radio & TV is committed to encouraging an eco-friendly approach to business. We're happy to dispose of any electronics free of charge. Just bring them to our store and we'll do the rest. 

Warranty: Dunbarton Radio & TV is pleased to offer a complimentary 100-day warranty on parts and labour for all

repaired items.  

Call: (905) 686-3957

Email: duntv@yahoo.com

Address: 467 Westney Rd. S Unit 14, Ajax, ON

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